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Tommy Gibbs » Physical Education/Flag Football

Physical Education/Flag Football

Teacher: Tommy Gibbs Date: Monday-Friday, 8/28-9/1/2017 Subject: Physical Education Topic: Flag Football



  • [6-8PE1.0] Demonstrate competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • [6-8PE1.6a] Demonstrate smooth combinations of fundamental movement skills through rhythmic patterns.
  • [6-8PE1.6b] Demonstrate improvement of form, strength, and accuracy in performing manipulative skills.
  • [6-8PE1.7a] Demonstrate competency with increasing proficiency in movement skills while participating in team and individual sports.
  • [6-8PE1.7b] Perform continuous (possibly using rhythmic activities) and discrete skills(i.e. discrete skills have a define beginning and end and continuous skills are ongoing).
  • [6-8PE1.7c] Develop offensive and defensive strategies in individual and team sports.
  • [6-8PE1.8a] Demonstrate increased proficiency in movement skills while participating in team and individual sports.
  • [6-8PE1.8b] Perform continuous and discrete skills (i.e. discrete skills have a defined beginning and end and continuous skills are ongoing.
  • [6-8PE1.8c] Execute offensive and defensive strategies in individual and team sports.

Learning Target(s)

(based on the language of the standard)

The Students Will(TSW) or "I Can"

  • Physical Education in grades seven and eight is dedicated to developing competency in many movement forms and their relation to an active lifestyle. The focus is to apply previously introduced skills and to acquire knowledge necessary for participation. The instruction at each level focuses on basic skills, lead-up activities and knowledge that demonstrate competency in each activity. This week,(8/28-9/1), students will be required to compete in flag football activities and present physical and cognitive skills previously acquired about the sport while participating.

Flag Football Learning Targets

  • TSW gain knowledge of the different techniques of the sport of football.

1.       "I Can" hold a football.

2.       "I Can" throw a football.

3.       "I Can" catch a football.

4.       "I Can" keep score when playing or watching a contest of football.

5.       "I Can" understand the rules of the game of football.

Procedures (with general times)


  • Prior knowledge

Prior knowledge will be discussed each day as students arrive to class. This process takes place at the beginning of class and consequently, is an introductory piece to a new lesson or activity. Sometimes it will just be reiteration of past information judging upon the assessments of students.


  • Activities/Centers

55 Minute P.E./Health Agenda

  • Student Arrival/Bell Work/Attendance/Student Dress out- 10 minutes
  • Activities/Classroom Lecture- 35 minutes

*This activity portion will be very organized. Students will be required to be aligned in formation awaiting the cadence from line leaders. There will be five lines daily with a line leader in front of each line. Each line leader will lead a stretch and an exercise. This will be done daily before students compete in that day's activities.

  • Stretches

1.       Feet Parallel(Hamstring)

2.       Right Over Left(Hamstring/Right Hip)

3.       Left Over Right(Hamstring/Left Hip)

4.       Feet On Floor Spread Apart(Hamstring/Groin)

5.       Saigon Squats(Groin)

  • Exercises/Calisthenics

1.       Push ups

2.       Sit ups

3.       Air Squats

4.       "Mountain Climbers"

5.       "Jumping Jacks"

  • Student Dress up- 10 minutes


  • Closure

Exit slips are the most common, most productive way for closure, I've experienced. Students will be asked 2-5 questions about the class day's lectures and upon surveying how students have answered those questions will tell the instructor what the students have learned and what needs to be reiterated to the class before moving on to new lessons.


  • Students are required to study information in their Physical Education nightly

Example of an Assessment Item Related to the Standard

1.       Activity Log

2.       Fitness Test

3.       Observation/Teacher

4.       Portfolio

5.       Skill Test

6.       Written Assignment

7.       Written Assessment