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COVID-19 Procedures Alexander Junior High School 2020-2021

COVID-19 Procedures

Alexander Junior High School 2020-2021

Daily Health Screenings

Each student arriving to school will complete a daily health Screener in order to gain entrance into a school building. Student temperatures will be taken by a school staff member upon arrival. In PPU locations, parents should stay until their child’s temperature is checked.  If a temperature of 100.4 or higher is recorded by school staff, the student’s that ride a bus will be sent to a designated holding room (Auditorium) at which time a parent or guardian will be contacted and required to pick the student up from school. Students with a temperature will not be allowed to associate with other students or staff in any capacity for as long as they remain on campus. 
Masks will be available at each designated entry point for students. Students will be required to wear masks while on campus. Students are encouraged to bring their masks to school each day.
If a student registers a temperature of 100.4 or higher, the staff member who recorded the temperature will complete the Student Health Documentation Form and give it to Ms. Cierra Johnson in the principal’s office immediately after student health screeners have been completed for the morning.

Entry Locations and Procedures

All students arriving to campus will report directly to their class, walking approximately 6 feet apart. Students who eat breakfast at school may go directly to the cafeteria to get a breakfast.
Students who use school transportation (Bus Riders) will enter the main building via the entrance in front of the school. Six staff members will be stationed at this entrance each day to conduct the daily health screeners as students enter the building.
Standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for AJH employees conducting health screeners at entry points will be a mask or face shield, (or both) and gloves. Staff conducting health screeners should be at their assigned duty posts no later than 7:15AM each morning.

Faculty Entry Procedure

Faculty & Staff will enter the front of AJH main building wearing a mask, shield or both.
Administrators will take temp in the front area. They will sign in with their arrival time and temperature.
If any staff has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, administrators will take it again. If temperature is still 100.4 or higher after a recheck the staff member will be asked to leave campus.
Teachers: ALWAYS make sure you have a complete sub folder on your desk.

Health Screener Duty Posts:

6:30-Custodians (Temperature Checked by Hardy)

7:20 Teachers Report to Campus (Temperature Checked by Hardy and Wall)

7:25 Students Allowed onto Campus (Temperature Checked)


Main Building Entrance:              

1.  Eubanks

  1. J. Hednerson
  2. Johnson
  3. Strauthers
  4. Wall
  5. Warren


Back of Campus                         

1.  P. Hardy

Students Report Directly to HR/1st Period-if eating Breakfast to Cafeteria (Coach Henderson) after Temperature Check

7:40 Homeroom Begins

7:50 1st Period Begins

Class Change-Traffic will flow in one Direction

              1st Floor Main Building- Traffic Flows South

              2nd Floor Main Building- Traffic Flows North

              Old Annex-Traffic Flows East

              New Annex-Traffic Flows West

In Between Class Change Teachers & Custodians should disinfectant for each class


Restroom-AJH will utilize method we use during state testing. (Administrators supervise bathroom break)


              7th Grade to Practice Field

              8th Grade Area between Old Annex and Cafeteria


Lunch-teachers will take student to cafeteria pick up lunches and return to their class

              Self-Contained option to eat in cafeteria or class


Dismissal-Students will remain in 6th period class


              3:12-Parent Pickup (Z. Bridges will use intercom to call parent pick up)

              3:15-Bus (Johnson will use intercom to call bus numbers.