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Instructional Time

Instructional time is fundamental for academic success. Please help us protect this important time in the following ways: 1. Please make every effort to have your student(s) at school by 7:50 a.m. 2. If you are bringing something to the school for your child, check in at the front window and we will hold it in the office and get it to the student at an appropriate time. We will always try to protect our student’s instructional time so we will not call them out of class unless it is an emergency. 3. If you ARE checking out your student, you will need to sign your child out and wait in the foyer for your child to arrive. Parents/Guardians/Family members are NOT allowed to walk through the school. 4. WE WILL ASK FOR YOUR ID!!! Please be prepared to show your ID and please make sure that any individual that is on your child’s pick up list (card) is also prepared to show ID.
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Now students can use ActiveStudent to check grades, attendance, and other information. Find log in information here.
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