Alexander Junior High School

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Schedule Change Policy for All Classes

Since personnel, facilities, and material resources are assigned to the campuses based on student numbers.  High student numbers on rosters and teacher availability may cause some class change request to be denied.  Changes to student schedules create an impact on many other courses, and therefore will be made on a limited basis.  Schedule change forms are available in the front office.  Schedule changes are approved by the principal.


I.  Unacceptable reasons for requesting a schedule change from a class:
  • Student or parent wants a different teacher.
  • Student wants to be with friends.
  • Student wants to change a class because he/she does not want to do the class work or has not done reading / required work.
  • Student is not making an A or B in the course



II.     Within the first ten instructional days of the school year:


  • During the first ten days of school, any schedule change requests will be considered. The change will be made depending on class size, reasons for change and results of the change on the overall schedule.


III.     After the first ten instructional days of the school year:


  • Parent or teacher will contact the principal.
  • If a parent has not done so, a parent must turn in a written request, providing a valid explanation for the schedule change request to the principal’s office.
  • Before enacting the process to change a schedule, the reason for the schedule change in conjunction with the student’s past academic history, absences, and use of tutorials and interventions will be reviewed.
  • A student-teacher-counselor-parent conference will be held. Options to be discussed at the conference include: developing a plan for the improvement of the student’s performance that includes alternative instructional strategies, student attendance, student effort, student utilization of tutorials and other interventions, and specific target dates for progress reports to student and parent.


IV.    Appeal Process for Denied Schedule Change Request:

  • Parent must submit a verbal or written request, requesting/providing a valid explanation for the schedule change requested to be reviewed, to his/her student’s principal. The principal will enact the appropriate action.